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Financial incentives for English Councils to publish selected open data

The Local Government Incentive scheme is an initiative for English Local Authorities funded from the Release of Data Fund. The scheme will encourage and enable local authorities to publish datasets as Open Data based on data requests received by the Open Data User Group (ODUG) from the Open Data community. It is hoped that the results will serve as an example of how the local government sector can work together to publish data from disparate sources into a consistent national data resource for innovative uses within the wider data community.

The Local Government Association manages the scheme which will provide technical support and coordination.  The scheme has provision to give local authorities cash incentives to publish open standardised datasets, which will combine to deliver a national view of the data. The three datasets which are funded under this initiative are:

  • public conveniences,
  • planning applications and
  • licensing (focusing in this first instance on alcohol/light entertainment premises).