IPSV-Integrated Public Sector Vocabulary

Version 2.00


The Integrated Public Sector Vocabulary (IPSV) is an 'encoding scheme' for populating the e-GMS Subject element of metadata. It is fully compliant with ISO 2788 and BS 8723, the International and British Standards for monolingual thesauri. The vocabulary was developed with the backing of the ODPM (Office of the Deputy Prime Minister) and the eGU (Cabinet Office e-Government Unit). Version 1.00 was released in April 2005; Version 2.00 supersedes it, as of 3 April 2006.

Version 1 was developed by merging three earlier lists: the GCL (Government Category List), LGCL (Local Government Category List) and seamlessUK taxonomy. It had 2732 preferred terms and 4230 non-preferred. Version 2 is much bigger, with 3080 preferred terms and 4843 non-preferred. As a result, IPSV now covers internal-facing as well as public-oriented topics. You can still refer back to the superseded version if necessary.

IPSV is just one of a family of lists you can obtain from the esd-standards site. See What are all these lists? for an introduction to the others. Stay with IPSV if your purpose is to populate Subject metadata.

Two subsets of IPSV are now available:

  • The Internal Vocabulary covers only the 'internal-facing' topics. It has 756 preferred terms and 1333 non-preferred.
  • The Abridged version covers the whole scope of IPSV but is limited to the upper levels. It has 549 preferred terms and 1472 non-preferred.

The online display shows IPSV as a hierarchical tree structure, which can be searched interactively. It uses the same conventions as in the esd-toolkit display of the LGCL, except that no distinction is made between "categories" and "keywords".

IPSV can be downloaded in a variety of formats as listed below. You can also download mappings from LGCL and LGSL terms. For tips on how to use IPSV, and explanations of all the resources, see the guidance notes lower down.

IPSV is updated on a regular basis and your suggestions for it are invited, you can submit them via the Discussion Forum. We also welcome feedback on any other aspect of IPSV, the formats, the guidance notes, etc. An update to IPSV terms had been scheduled for 31 October 2006, however this will be postponed whilst new funding and governance models are being defined. In the meantime, please continue to submit your feedback.

The mappings from IPSV to the LGNL are voluntarily maintained and provided by Lichfield District Council (formerly by Bridgnorth District Council). esd-toolkit are grateful for the hard work that goes into keeping the mappings up to date.

List usage

This list is used 980,033 times (reduced to 865,594 times after removal of near duplicate pages) by 277 public sector Web sites - see here for a list of Web sites. View organisations registered as users of this list. See interactive viewer 'Term Usage Count' for details.

XML files

IPSV version 2.00 was released on 3 April 2006:

Description Link
XML document www.esd.org.uk/standards/ipsv/2.00/ipsv.xml

Alternative styles and formats for downloading IPSV

The following alternative formats are available:

Description Link
Full IPSV - esd-standards Word format www.esd.org.uk/standards/ipsv/2.00/ipsv.doc
Full IPSV - esd-standards Word 2003 XML format www.esd.org.uk/standards/ipsv/2.00/ipsvword.xml
Full IPSV - esd-standards Adobe Acrobat PDF format www.esd.org.uk/standards/ipsv/2.00/ipsv.pdf
Full IPSV - spreadsheet style - esd-standards CSV format www.esd.org.uk/standards/ipsv/2.00/ipsv.csv
Full IPSV Index - ISO 2788 style - Word format www.esd.org.uk/standards/ipsv/2.00/IPSV_FullIndexV2.00.doc
Full IPSV in plain text - ISO 2788 style - ASCII text www.esd.org.uk/standards/ipsv/2.00/IPSV_Full_V2.00Plain.TXT
Full IPSV - comma-delimited ASCII text www.esd.org.uk/standards/ipsv/2.00/IPSV_Full_V2.00CommaDel.txt
Full IPSV - set of HTML files in one compressed ZIP format file. Download, uncompress and open 'index.htm' www.esd.org.uk/standards/ipsv/2.00/Full_IPSV_V2.00_in_HTML.zip
IPSV terms suitable for a Local Authority A-Z Web page - Word format www.esd.org.uk/standards/ipsv/2.00/IPSVA-ZClassification.doc
IPSV terms suitable for a Local Authority A-Z Web page - Adobe Acrobat PDF format www.esd.org.uk/standards/ipsv/2.00/IPSVA-ZClassification.pdf

IPSV mappings

A list of mappings to IPSV from LGCL :

Description Link
LGCL IPSV mapping www.esd.org.uk/standards/lgcl/1.03/lgclipsvmapping.xml
LGCL IPSV mapping as a Word document www.esd.org.uk/standards/lgcl/1.03/lgclipsv.doc
LGCL IPSV mapping as an Adobe Acrobat PDF document www.esd.org.uk/standards/lgcl/1.03/lgclipsv.pdf
LGCL IPSV mapping as a CSV spreadsheet www.esd.org.uk/standards/lgcl/1.03/lgclipsv.csv

A list of mappings to IPSV from LGSL :

Description Link
LGSL IPSV mapping www.esd.org.uk/standards/lgsl/3.00/lgslipsvmapping.xml
LGSL IPSV mapping as a Word document www.esd.org.uk/standards/lgsl/3.00/lgslipsv.doc
LGSL IPSV mapping as an Adobe Acrobat PDF document www.esd.org.uk/standards/lgsl/3.00/lgslipsv.pdf
LGSL IPSV mapping as a CSV spreadsheet www.esd.org.uk/standards/lgsl/3.00/lgslipsv.csv

A list of mappings to LGNL from IPSV :

Description Link
IPSV LGNL mapping www.esd.org.uk/standards/ipsv/2.00/ipsvlgnlmapping.xml
IPSV LGNL mapping as a Word document www.esd.org.uk/standards/ipsv/2.00/ipsvlgnl.doc
IPSV LGNL mapping as an Adobe Acrobat PDF document www.esd.org.uk/standards/ipsv/2.00/ipsvlgnl.pdf
IPSV LGNL mapping as a CSV spreadsheet www.esd.org.uk/standards/ipsv/2.00/ipsvlgnl.csv

A list of mappings to IPSV from SNL :

Description Link
SNL IPSV mapping www.esd.org.uk/standards/snl/1.02/snlipsvmapping.xml
SNL IPSV mapping as a Word document www.esd.org.uk/standards/snl/1.02/snlipsv.doc
SNL IPSV mapping as an Adobe Acrobat PDF document www.esd.org.uk/standards/snl/1.02/snlipsv.pdf
SNL IPSV mapping as a CSV spreadsheet www.esd.org.uk/standards/snl/1.02/snlipsv.csv

A list of mappings to IPSV from LGCS :

Description Link
LGCS IPSV mapping www.esd.org.uk/standards/lgcs/2.03/lgcsipsvmapping.xml
LGCS IPSV mapping as a Word document www.esd.org.uk/standards/lgcs/2.03/lgcsipsv.doc
LGCS IPSV mapping as an Adobe Acrobat PDF document www.esd.org.uk/standards/lgcs/2.03/lgcsipsv.pdf
LGCS IPSV mapping as a CSV spreadsheet www.esd.org.uk/standards/lgcs/2.03/lgcsipsv.csv

IPSV documents/guidance

IPSV was prepared as a result of the Vocabulary Merger Project (VMP), so some of the earlier documents refer to VMP rather than IPSV.

Description Last updated Link
Which IPSV? A guide to the versions and formats available 2006-08-29 www.esd.org.uk/documents/IPSVVersionsAndFormats.pdf
Guide to Meta-tagging with the IPSV 2006-08-29 www.esd.org.uk/documents/IPSVHowToMetatag.pdf
Automatic categorisation with IPSV 2006-08-29 www.esd.org.uk/documents/Automaticcategorisation-IPSV.pdf
Software for automatic categorisation with IPSV 2006-12-18 www.esd.org.uk/esdtoolkit/Documents/Redirect.ashx?d=9543
Implementing IPSV to your own advantage 2006-08-29 www.esd.org.uk/documents/ImplementingIPSV.pdf
IPSV Maintenance Guide 2006-08-29 www.esd.org.uk/documents/IPSVMaintenanceGuide.pdf
Integrated Public Sector Vocabulary - Guidance Notes For Local Authority and Other Users www.esd.org.uk/documents/IPSVGuidanceNotes.pdf
LAWs Press Release, including policy for users of other vocabularies 2005-04 www.esd.org.uk/documents/IPSVPressRelease.pdf
IPSV Editorial Policy 2005-04-19 www.esd.org.uk/documents/IPSVEditorialPolicy.pdf
Vocabulary Merger Project Scoping Study Report 2004-10-06 www.esd.org.uk/documents/ScopingReport2004-10-06.doc
Integrated Public Sector Vocabulary Merger Project Questionnaire Analysis 2004-09-17 www.esd.org.uk/documents/IPSVMPQuestionnaireAnalysis.pdf
Purpose of the IPSV 2005-01 www.esd.org.uk/documents/IPSVPurpose.pdf
LGSL, LGNL and IPSV made simple www.esd.org.uk/esdtoolkit/Documents/Redirect.ashx?d=9398

IPSV resources

Click here for a diagrammatic representation of the XML resources making up IPSV. Associated schemas and XSLT resources are also given, with hyperlinks to each.

Click here for an interactive tree of IPSV.


Please post questions and comments on the Integrated Public Sector Vocabulary forum at http://www.esd.org.uk/forums/viewforum.php?f=39. Your normal Local e-Government Standards Body and esd-toolkit login applies. You can register and login from http://www.esd.org.uk/integratedforums/ (You do not need to be a local government officer to use this forum.).

Liability, Ownership, Protection

Integrated Public Sector Vocabulary (IPSV) © Crown copyright.

We wish to encourage the re-use of the IPSV. It may be downloaded by individuals and organisations for incorporation in products and services that are made available to others without requiring a licence or payment of fees.

Anyone who includes the IPSV in a product or service should ensure that they do not alter the data or its presentation in any way that damages the integrity of the IPSV. We shall not be liable for any losses due to errors or omissions in the IPSV. In addition esd-toolkit requires that the data is not used in a derogatory manner or in a misleading context. The source of the material must be acknowledged as esd-toolkit and the title referring to Integrated Public Sector Vocabulary should appear on all documents and must be included when being reproduced as part of other publications or services.

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