The various events hosted by esd-toolkit are as a direct result of the needs and demands of the esd-toolkit local authority community. They include the regular and popular Toolkit Local Community (TLC) events hosted in each region, as well as the dynamic working group meetings.

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All the events provide great networking opportunities, as well as shared learning and most are free of charge! Where events are open to the broader public sector community, you may be able to access them without needing to login to esd-toolkit website. Further, some events are hosted by the esd-suppliers network. These may be open events and of interest to local authorities, so you can choose to see esd-supplier events in the events listing if you wish.

Using the events booking module enables you to book a place at an event of your choice, or to be added to the waiting list if it's already full! It provides you with the event agenda, venue details and links to a map. It also allows you to indicate any dietary or special requirements at the venue, so we can cater for your needs.Confirmation emails are sent to all successful delegates before the event, so that you are confident that your place is reserved.

The diverse and interesting events do vary and so are of interest and value to the whole spectrum of esd-toolkit users. Do remember to check the events area regularly to see what's on!

There are currently no public events scheduled. Please login to see events for registered and subscribed users.