Event Details: NW Region Toolkit Local Community Meeting, Lancaster, 01/03/12

This is a past event and as such it is not possible to book a place

The 2012 round of TLCs are coming to the North West and we are visiting the beautiful university town of Lancaster.

Toolkit Local Community meetings (TLCs) come to you in your region and amongst other things will help you use esd-toolkit to identify those who make the most demands on your limited resources and have a high impact upon your budget so that you can design, target and cost your service provision.

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The North West TLC is scheduled for Thursday 1st March 2012.

This is a regional event but anyone from any region is very welcome.


Lancaster Town Hall Lancaster City Council
Lancaster City Council
Banqueting Room
Town Hall
Dalton Square
Lancaster Town Hall Staircase

We are very grateful to Lancaster City Council for hosting this event in the Banqueting Room, no less, at their very grand Town Hall. You will have to come just to soak up the atmosphere of this wonderful building!

agenda can be found here

This year, TLCs will be themed to look at Families in Poverty, have a local slant with a story from the region and will explore a variety of solutions that can move your service delivery forward:

With the help of the customer insight tools and other functionality in esd-toolkit we will look at:

  • The needs of your citizens.
  • What sort of behavioural characteristics they have e.g. Who might be more willing to re-cycle / be willing to volunteer to help with Big Society initiatives
  • Channel shift -
    • What are their channels of preference?
    • Who might switch to a cheaper channel?
    • What message might grab their attention?
    • Where would you advertise / How do you access and use the Experian Multi Media Guide in esd-toolkit?
  • Using esd-toolkit on-line calculator, how you can cost your services
  • Additional esd-toolkit tools, functionality and projects that can help
  • How the structured standards framework (LGBM) gives stability to your organisation
  • What the new reporting responsibilities are in LG Inform – what it is / what it does / how esd-toolkit allows you to drill down into esd-toolkit to local data

Attending TLC meetings provide an excellent opportunity to network with other users in your region and to raise issues of interest or concern regarding local government challenges.

Please note; registered users are welcome to enter their details but in the instance of an oversubscribed event, priority will be given to those subscribed to esd-toolkit. Registered users will be placed on a waiting list until a space is available.

If you have any further queries please contact Sheila Apicella on sheila.apicella@esd.org.uk